The Amazing Spider Man[2012]

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Action Comedy, Adventure

Director:Marc Webb
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Starring: Andrew Garfield,Emma Stone,Rhys Ifans,Irrfan Khan.

From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield and  from Sam Raimi to Marc Webb,the Reboot of the Spider-man series turned out to be actually Amazing.

Since  this time it was Andrew Garfield doing the spidey suit for the first time and Marc Webb directing it,if the plot is anything to go by, the movie expects all Spider-Man fans to not begin where Peter Parker gets bitten by the deadly spider,instead we have to go further and find out why we never saw Peter Parker’s parents ever.
There’s the usual crime towering the streets of New York but more than all that its the romance between Peter Parker(Garfield) and Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone) which takes this all new Spider-man movie to a whole new level of entertainment.
The  pillars of the movie are all the more same as before for example ,Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider,His Uncle dies while trying to stop a thief,Peter Parker being a nerdy character(well,initially).
But when we talk about what’s different,there is a lot more out there.Gwen Stacy is no longer a mere spectator,She is more involved in this movie.For Emma its more about taking control.She is even  ready to give the bad guy a few blows when Mr Spiderman can’t handle all the mess alone.
Next is Dr. Curt Connors(Rhys Ifans)  who ensures that there is enough for Spider man to do and for us to savour.

Finally,the man of the hour Andrew Garfield dexterously slips into the spidey-suit  even as he excels as an Altered Peter Parker  while dealing with the bullies.The fist-fight with jock Flash in the 2002 version sees Peter dodge , almost accidentally avoiding the bully’s blows before landing a killer punch; 2012’s take sees Parker in much more aggressive mode, humiliating his nemesis on a basketball court and taking huge pleasure in doing so.
For most part of the movie he is seen in action without the spidey mask on.This time the Spidey-web even does not come naturally to him,but  when he bungee-jumps across the Manhattan skyline he definetly sends a thrill down your spine.For me Andrew Garfield fitted the role perfectly as a good looking Super hero(with no offence to Tobey).
The plot is very familiar to us but this time Peter Parker wants answers about his parents.This builds up the story as he accidentally helps out                 Dr Connors in becoming the deadly lizard.The Adventure go’s on as Parker tries to stop Dr. Connors in his deadly plans with Gwen’s help.
Rhy’s Ifans’ Dr. Connors  an emotionally wounded one  armed scientist who is adamant on creating “A world without weakness'”  by using the regenerative powers of Lizard DNA mutates into the Lizard.This is ironical because a man filled with a desire to do good is so rampant that it boils over into evil.
The Stan Lee cameo is full of comic energy and is  the best one yet in all of Marvel’s productions. This is your sarcastic, neighbourhood Spider-Man (“Oooh, my weakness is small knives”), nonchalantly sneezing webbing to apprehend villains or beating up street hoods.

The Amazing Spider-Man does find freshness, and its feet, is in its believable, touching central relationship.The High School corridors and the conversations that are shown are  much better than some dedicated teen-age movies.The thrill of being in your best girl’s bedroom,kissing her for the first time while letting her know your BIG secret,the intimidation of meeting her Police Chief father.There was a lot of time before Parker finally gets in his suit,but it was time well spent.Through it all, Garfield fills both his slackerish Peter Parker identity as well as his Spider-Man rubberwear with star-quality confidence. Mixing his sweetness with some teen boy arrogance,the exciting British-American actor with dark good looks defies anyone to hate him because he’s beautiful — or because he’s not Tobey Maguire(one of the many reasons why we all were excited about this movie).

And any time the actor shares a scene with the Ms. Stone…well, the two of them look like a  chemistry experiment gone as right as reptilian Dr. Curt Connors’ little lab test goes terribly wrong.

The 3D Visuals are amazing,with some great direction.The Scenes that we see from Spider-man’s eyes when he jumps from one building to another are the one’s to savour.

Graced with great performances from Garfield and Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man is a rare comic-book flick that is better at examining relationships than superheroism. If it doesn’t approach the current benchmark of Avengers, it still delivers a different enough, enjoyable  story to live comfortably alongside the Raimi era.



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